Toys R us

Toys R us

As the name suggests, Toys “R” deals with toys, is an American toy, baby product, clothes retailer owned by an organization in America. Even by their names, it’s clear that they have children’s interests as a top priority. Toy “R” Us was founded in the United States capital, Washington D.C., in June 1957. It has its headquarters at Wayne in New Jersey, United States. It has since become well-known nationally, not to mention worldwide, having subsidiaries in Canada, Spain, Australia, The United Kingdom, Portugal, plus countries.

Since its founding, the company has

Since its founding, the company has faced stiff competition, with the competition they face coming from companies that are even larger in profits and stocks from it, dominating most markets internationally. First is the famous Walmart that is the world’s largest retailer that 3,601 stores, employing more than 910,000 people worldwide. With all the wealth they generate yearly, Walmart has no problem providing a large supply of baby products, clothes, and toys to its market audience. It has steadily increased its influence on European countries such as The United Kingdom. Walmart also wants to extend its influence to Germany and France. While some competition sometimes benefits companies, Walmart has a significantly negative effect on the profits of Toys “R” Us and other major toy companies.


Amazon, a large corporation with its branches globally that is a leading competitor in retailing, has an even bigger influence than Walmart. Since the company is accessible in countries other than America, it has provided shipping for all its products that are ordered online at speedy and flexible prices, making it a reliable source for toy products that are not available in local areas of a country. Besides clothing products, Amazon offers a wide range of equipment in terms of stationery, work tools, and equipment, electronics, to mention other necessities that Toys “R” Us doesn’t offer. Amazon has adequate funds to continue its operations worldwide, offering employment to people everywhere, making it more preferred than Toys “R” Us.

Carter’s is another of the company’s major competitors, if not its number one rival. In North America, Carter’s is more financially stable than Toys “R” Us and is steadily outshining it. Carter’s sells its products through its many Carter’s retail stores, its website, and other retail outlets such as department stores. Majorly dealing with baby items, the company has more customers than Toys “R” Us as its prices are more affordable than it. With Gift Cards’ option or online shipping, Carter’s encourages shopping in its baby-friendly shops and outlets.

Some competitors of Toys “R” Us include Target Corporation, a retail company located in most if not all states in America, the eighth largest retailer in America. With recent events, Toys “R” Us ended up shutting down its two last retail stores in the United States, bringing to an end a two-year effort to re-establish the onetime behemoth’s retail footprint. The company has been forced to continue as an online retailer as it keeps its social media activity. Toys “R” Us definitely has its work cut out.