McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Joker

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Joker

McFarlane Toys are known for their awesome comic book toys, they now have a new series of cool toys from their DC Comics Multiverse figure line. This time around the toys are based on the 2017 Batman: White Knight story where they got inspiration for Joker. 2019 Curse of the White Knight sequel from Sean Murphy was also used for reference while creating Batman, Joker and Azrael figures. All the toys are incredibly detailed and all the features as seen in the movies are brought out. The figures are 7 inches tall, a suitable size for kids to play with. Batman: White Knight was written and illustrated by Sean Murphy and is the eight-issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics.

Sean Murphy wanted to bring a

Sean Murphy wanted to bring a twist in the Joker and Batman story line where their roles were reversed. The joker become the hero while Batman become the villain. Upon regarding his sanity and release from Arkham Asylum, the Joker goes by the name Jack Naiper and is determined to change Gotham’s perception of him. He sets his sights to save Gotham City from Batman where he becomes a politician using his intelligence and charisma to win the people over. It is his belief that crime in the city cannot be solved using a fist like Batman usually does but takes a more realistic approach. These new changes in the known story are welcomed and comic fans wanted to see how it all ended.

It was ironical how the once

It was ironical how the once Dark Knight become the revered White Knight since the Clown Prince of Crime was now fighting for Gotham City while the hero became the villain. All the accessories depicted in the comics have all been taken care of. Joker has his famous long nose blaster which has been explicitly created and developed. His purple and red eyes is also catered for and the alternate Jack Naiper’s head instead of the original Joker is used. Although there is not much difference, even the clothes that Jack Naiper has on are different from the usual ones The Joker is normally seen with. White Knight has an army like attire on, complete with ammunition.

These toys are extremely flexible and

These toys are extremely flexible and was designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts. It simply means that kids can play and have access to full range of poses in whatever angles and positions they want their toys in. This simply heightens the excitement and thirst for adventure in kids as they try different poses and have endless fun. Its flexibility is a change from the stiff toy robots which were dull and not at all flexible. Joker’s new character is shown through his clothes and appearance which is quite an interesting twist from the norm. Similarly, he does not have Joker’s crazed look although the White Knight still has Joker’s resemblance. White Knight brings about a whole fresh perceptive to Joker’s former reputation.

The package comes with a collectible

The package comes with a collectible art card, this card has the Joker from Batman: White Knight at the front. At the back, there is a detailed character biography of the White Knight. You can read them to the kids for them to have an understanding of the current roles of the comic figures. Comic lovers can freely assemble their favorite characters and have a nice collection in their rooms. Lovers of the fictional character the Joker, now have access to this peculiar comic figure. Comic line stores can stock up these toys and sell them to the customers at good profit. For gifts and presents, you do not have to worry of what to get your comic fan friends or children.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Joker

What’s more, McFarlane Toys have the full collection of the Dc Multiverse figures, each sold separately. This means you can get yourself the whole collection of the Batman: White Knight figures. Available are the characters Batman who is now the villain, and Azrael together will the other DC Multiverse characters. All these were based on comic book stories which means that they are many more toys available, and so you are not limited to only a few. Comic book toys are sold at relatively fair prices and there often sweet deals that offer up to 30 percent off. Catch these deals and get yourself brand-new comic book toys.